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Forget the Film: Watch the Titles!

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Following on from Chris’ post last month in which he talked about title sequences, I thought I’d share my recent find regarding the topic with you. I came across another website dedicated to title sequences calles ‘Forget the Film: Watch the Titles!’. Arguably not all of the selected titles on display are great, and a lot of the classics are missing, but it’s definitely worth having a nosy.

The titles sequence that caught my eye is for a made-up documentary about the history of the title sequence. It’s designer Jurjen Versteeg’s graduation project, in which he cleverly re-imagines the work of eight influential designers that changed the course of title design history. From an interview with Versteeg:

“This title sequence provides an overview of the history of title design. The names of the most influential title designers are mentioned, all of whom have had a big influence on the development and history of title design. Each designer’s name refers to the revolutionary titles they designed. The cut-up typography of Saul Bass’ name, for example, refers to titles for Psycho, and the colored circles refer to Maurice Binder’s titles for Dr. No. In this way, I’ve tried to characterize each name. My aim was to give these characteristics, which were added in the post-production stage, as much of an analogue feel as possible. I wanted the visual effects to be in line with the live action footage.”