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Ron Arad’s Curtain Call

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Last night DF popped down to the Roundhouse to see Ron Arad’s Curtain Call. As part of Bloomberg Summer at the Roundhouse, internationally renowned artist, architect and designer, Ron Arad has invited his favourite artists, musicians and friends to create unique work for his 360° interactive installation.

Curtain Call is an installation in which a curtain of white silicon rods, eight metres high and hanging from above, encloses the great circular centre of the building. The rods collectively form a 360° screen on to which are projected animations and films by some of Arad’s creative friends. Christian Marclay will ring the circle with piano keys, running vertically, played by giant projected hands. Mat Collishaw will show a gorgeous tropical landscape which is nonetheless “poisoned by diseased and malicious-looking flowers”. Ori Gersht will show crowds at a bullfight, putting viewers in the middle of the circle in the position of a matador, or a bull.

We were lucky enough to be invited to a stand alone event, which featured our friend Jude Greenaway’s work, which he did in collaboration with his brother and Ron Arad for the Curtain Call. This is what Jude had to say about his work: “Our response to Arad’s installation poses the silicon surface as a refracted mirror. Filmed and animated content has been specifically designed to match the curtain and its surroundings, literally reflecting the Roundhouse back onto itself. Utilizing the buildings former primary function of rotation the work and its environment are intertwined and juxtaposed producing interesting hybrid creations between architecture and moving sculpture, bringing the building to life. Set to a bespoke theatrical score the viewer is immersed into a seamless 360° audio visual experience.

We were well impressed with Jude’s work, and you should definitely get yourself down to the Roundhouse to check out the Curtain Call.