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‘You Don’t Own This Life’ so says songwriter Alex Highton

Monday, November 17th, 2014

So here’s a plug for one of DF’s favourite singer songwriter Alex Highton and his brand spanking new video. From past experience we know just how much time & effort has gone into this new video, by a hard working creative bunch who are doing it for love and not money.


The Track ‘You Don’t Own This Life’ is off the forthcoming album ‘Nobody Knows Anything’, it just so happens that DF had a hand in it and is out just in time for Christmas on December 1st.

The albums been getting rave reviews and plenty of support from 6 Music’s Tom Robinson too.

So if you’re fed up with talent shows, plastic pop and artists who are more interested in their latest new fragrance instead of the music, please do your ears a favour and give it watch, like it, share it and show some love people.

All power to you Al, we’re proud to help and support your musical journey.

Alex Highton – I Left the City

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Very happy to finally be able to share this music video with you that we helped put together for very talented Alex Highton. Alex Highton’s debut album Woodditton Wives Club is packed full of witty, thoughtful songs. Simple, mellow acoustic guitar melodies paired with Alex’s charming vocals make this album really stand out. We love it and if you do too do yourself a favour and buy his album from his website or iTunes. A big shout out to Joe Marcantonio for helping us put this video together. Sit back and enjoy!

Highton’s got talent

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Forget X-Factor, Britians Got Talent and the rest of the mainstream Saturday night star searches for a second and read on. This is your chance to vote, promote and support a genuinely talented singer song writer who’s keeping true to his roots.

We’ve posted previously about Alex Highton when it was first announced about his forth coming debut album ‘Woodditton Wives Club’, well a few months on and the album is done. We’ve been lucky enough to have the pre-released album in the studio and can report back that it’s a warm, soulful record packed full of amazing lovingly crafted songs. The only problem we can see with this record is that it isn’t getting the air time or applause that it deserves.

So as Dermot would say on the X-Factor this is your chance, your pledge can makes all the difference. Now we’re not suggesting for one minute that you stop watching the aforementioned shows on Saturday night, all we ask is that you take 5 mins out of your busy day, head over to Alex Highton’s Pledge Music page and show your support by opting for one of the many great little treats on offer. Every pledge helps Alex get that little bit closer to his dream and I promise you the music won’t disappoint, in fact if you don’t fall in love with the album I’d go and see the doctor, because you’re probably dead inside!

Go on treat your ears, they’ll love you for it.

Enjoy a bit of Village Life

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

DF came across a very talented and lovely chap called Alex Highton back in 2006 as one part of eclectic musical collective Mohanski. Since then Alex has been concentrating on his amazing solo sounds as well as performing around the UK and across the pond in NYC of all places.

Today sees the launch of his latest single Village Life/You Left Me In No Doubt, it’s the most lovely folky £1.58 you’ll spend on iTunes this week so DO IT!

To enjoy all things Alex Highton follow the links below:

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