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‘Signage’ archive

Giant 3D Typography

Monday, September 12th, 2011

A while back we came across the simply beautiful work of Jimmy Fiction Esq and for some strange reason, probably a crazy deadline, we completely forgot to post about him. So to make amends we thought we should blog about Jimmy’s very big colourful three dimension letters that would look amazeballz in DF HQ if we had the space!

As Jimmy points out on the website his creations are perfect for the garden and home, as well as festivals, brand spaces, events and the like. All letters are hand manufactured in welded steel, and resin or powder coated for many years of resilient alphabetical service.

They are free-standing and sturdy enough for all-weather outdoor use and as a framework for planting, or can be supplied with custom fixtures and fittings, for example wall mounting, if needed. Jimmy also offers a full bespoke design and manufacturing service for any variations you or your clients may require.

Surry Hills Library Signage

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Beautiful signage for Sydney’s Surry Hills Library and Community Centre by Collider. Each module not only holds the description of the destination but also tilts towards that destination. The proximity of the destination determines the angle of the tilt. Check it out here.