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Archive for June, 2012

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Thursday sees the launch of DF intern Craig’s London degree show WHITESPACE. Having graduated from Bucks myself it’s always great to go back to check out the work of the bright young talent Bucks has to offer. If you’re looking for new interns or juniors for your studio or just want to have a nosey you should definitely check out WHITESPACE. The show will be held at the Candid Gallery which is located directly behind the Angel tube station.

Craig, it was a pleasure having you around! All of us here at DF wish you all the best for your show and of course your future career.

It’s a knockout!

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Tomorrow night is the launch of the 15 Nations Fall exhibition, the European Championship inspired brain child of illustrator Lee Boulton or LeeLeeLee. (his colouring in name!)

Everything you need to know is on the poster above, so if you find yourself in London town tomorrow evening then why not pop by the Graphic Bar and say hello? The exhibition runs for the length of the Euro’s and like a fine wine, will only get better with age!

Let’s just hope that LeeLeeLee doesn’t have to create an England poster any time soon!

Twenty One Years Hard Labour

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Last week I took a journey back in time to my graphic design roots when I popped along to the exhibition and book launch celebrating, London design studio, Form’s 21st anniversary.

Now this wasn’t just any old exhibition/book launch for me, as Form is where I spent those first tentative and mistake ridden years of my professional life. I owe that studio a hell of a lot and I’m proud to call it’s founders, Paul West & Paula Benson, my graphical Mum & Dad. Don’t get me wrong, there where times when I wanted to throttle P&P back in the day, and I’m positive there were even more times when P&P wanted to throttle me back too! I particularly remember a few typo stinkers coming back from printers that are burned into my memory, Mint Royale 12″ mix will haunt me forever!

Anyway this isn’t therapy, it’s a blog, so lets get down to it!

There are two things that are remarkable about FormTwentyOne, the first is that twenty one years in an ever adapting design scene, were studios, designers and trends come and go is no mean feat. Form has stayed the course, adapted and evolved even when it’s young has flown the nest!

I realise the haters out there will argue “twenty one, so what, it’s just a number”, and they’re kind of right, it wouldn’t mean diddly squat if Form don’t deliver the goods anymore, but the fact is they consistently do!

And that is my second point, what the exhibition and book shows is that Form have a superb body of work, only a fraction of which is on view. But these edited highlights are a must see and a real testament to Paul & Paula, and the many generations of ‘Formsters’ who have cut their teeth under their guidance.

So if you like your logos, design and art direction done properly, with a big serving of ‘POP’ for dessert, then get yourself down to Blackwall Studios sharpish or grab a copy of the book, because nobody does it quite like Form.

Massive respect to P&P and the Form family, it was lovely to see you all again and the hangover was well worth it!