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Archive for October, 2011

Heart at first sight

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

What more can be said about Milton Glaser’s ‘I Heart NY’ identity that already hasn’t been said? Well for starters it’s one of DF’s favourite identities ever, for obvious reasons, and if that’s not a good enough reason to write a little post about it then we don’t know what is?

We’ve always thought logo design is at it’s very best when the clients brief is executed in it’s most simplistic and true form with a little twist. Think about it, all the classic marks that grace the logo hall of fame have this very unique quality for example Fedex, the Woolmark, British Rail and Nike’s Swoosh to name but a few. Glaser’s ‘I heart NY’ is definitely up there in our opinion, but what is interesting to find out is that this iconic logo almost never was.

Above is the original sketch Glaser did on an envelope in the back of the NY taxi after having second thoughts and somewhat of a eureka moment and below is the old school cut and paste layout sheet, both of which are now on permanent display at MOMA New York.

As with most iconic logo and creator back stories Milton Glaser didn’t get a cent for his creation back in 1977 which now generates over $30 million a year for the State of New York! Glazer has been quoted as saying “he did it for free, as a gift to New York” in a time when the city needed all the help it could get.

Back in 1977 New York was bankrupt, had rolling black outs and was in the grip of the highest crime levels the city had ever seen. The State needed tourism to help generate income for the city but New York had so much bad press at the time the tourists were staying away. New York State’s department for economic development commissioned the Madison Avenue advertising agency, Wells Rich Greene, to create a campaign that would help combat this. At the time New York’s big selling point was Broadway, and the agency came up with the slogan (“I Love New York”), in the shape of a jingle by the composer Steve Karmen and a television commercial featuring the stars of broadway. But they still needed a logo — and that’s where Glaser came in.

As you’ll see from the above clip a lot has changed but the one thing that’s stood the test of time is Glaser’s simple, iconic logo which we heart a lot.

Hipster Ipsum

Friday, October 7th, 2011

If you’re bored of using the standard Lorem Ipsum in your pitches then this little link might be just what your looking for. Hipster Ipsum above comes in two flavours and might just make laying out nonsense type that little bit more bearable!

However we’re thinking Tourettes Ipsum could be interesting addition, enjoy!

What an amazing Job.

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Today is a very sad day for graphic designers all around the world as Steve ‘The Man’ Jobs has sadly gone to the big studio in the sky. So much will be said and written about his vision, determination, leadership and achievements over the coming days by the great and the good and deservedly so.

Now I realise everyone is going to bang on about iPods, iPhones, iTunes, OS X, Pixar etc etc, and rightly so as Jobs has achieved in one lifetime what most could only do in say a 1000, but I’d like to say thanks for my very first Apple Mac LCII.

It sported a 12″ colour monitor, a staggering 4MB of ram and ran hotter than the sun at times, but that little beige wonder helped me through my college and uni years and played its part in getting me where I am today. Yes it was the computing equivalent of R2D2 from Star Wars, it didn’t always do as it was told and was by no means a looker by todays standards, but it kept on going through all those late night work sessions when the deadline was looming.

So thank you Mr Jobs, I think you’ve earned your rest.