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WHATEVEREST is a short documentary on the creation of a music video for the track ‘Inspector Norse’ by Todd Terje.

Marius Johansen Solem, aka ‘Inspector Norse’, is a norwegian guy who is partial to dance music. As well as being obsessed with dacing to electronic tunes, on occasion he buys a whole load of stuff at DIY stores, mixes it together and creates his own drugs in his kitchen. He then rocks the Norwegian suburbs and uploads his ventures to youtube.

Inspired by this slightly weird character, Todd Terje created a track and named it ‘Inspector Norse’ after Marius’ internet alias. Aparently the track was a hit in the dance scene last year.

Marisu has undoubtably got a great personality and I applaud him for the way he’s immersed in his own world, and doesn’t care about what people think of him. Some people are saying the video’s a mockumentry, but either way it’s a great film and definitely worth a watch. Enjoy.

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